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Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) Station
PRV Upgrade and Flowmeter Installation, Surrey
Owner: City of Surrey

Consultant: WSP/ MMM Group Ltd.

Description: PRV installation, including below grade chambers flow meters and piping for five sites: 116th Ave; 164th St & 95th Ave; 164th St & 96th Ave; Whalley 105th Ave & 148th St.

Fraser Wharves Meter Separation, Port Metro Vancouver
Owner: Port Metro Vancouver

Consultant: Aplin Martin Consultants Ltd.

Description: Installation of new 4" water meter, complete with chamber and new 10" above ground reduced backflow preventer.

Potable Water Supply, Belcarra Terrestrial Work
Owner: Village of Belcarra

Consultant: Opus Dayton & Knight.

Description: Construction of a pig receiving station along the Midden Road easement in Belcarra. Construction of a Booster pump-station at the Tatlow Rd. reservoir.  Installation of PLC and HMI at the Village Municipal Office and connecting to the existing fiber-optic cable.

Potable Water Supply Marine Pipeline Terrestrial Work, North Vancouver

Owner: Village of Belcarra

Consultant: Opus Dayton Knight Consultants Ltd.

Description: Construction and installation of 4" water valve chamber complete with associated in-ground piping, tie-ins to existing watermains, and supply and installation of electrical kiosk.

Dunlop PRV Station Construction, Delta

Owner: The Corporation of Delta

Consultant: Dayton & Knight Ltd.

Description: Construction of new, above ground PRV station housed in a building 7.4m long and 6.2m wide, including all mechanical and electrical installations.


North Rd PRV Station Upgrade, Port Moody

City of Port Moody

Consultant: Paragon Engineering Ltd.

Upgrading of the pressure reducing valve (PRV) station, including reconstruction of building; supply and installation of flow meter, piping and valves; upgrading of existing electrical systems, and miscellaneous site work.

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